Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Super Quick Ombre-esque Girl on Fire The Hunger Games Nails

Needed to do my nails. Reading Mockingjay. So I decided why not do The Hunger Games inspired nails? Plenty of people have done their take on the stunning flaming nails of Katniss. This is what I did. Simple.

Colors used from lightest to darkest: Sinful Colors Cloud 9, Essie Clam Bake, Zoya Nidhi, China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

Did these super quick without a sponge. I just made sure the brushes had as much excess polish removed as possible. First a stripe of the orange at the cuticle, then below that the brighter red, then the red thats just a touch darker with glitter, then the darkest red with glitter. Then I put a second stripe of the darkest glitter red slightly beneath the first coat of it. You could do it the opposite way as well.

The picture kind of melds all the red together so it looks like a flat red, but it isn't. Oh iphone. If you look carefully you can kind of see the gradient. ;)

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