Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Ringtone for iPhone

So you want to know how to make your own ringtone for your iPhone, hmm? Who wants to spend $1.29 or whatever it is these days? That's exactly what I thought a few minutes ago. I had a few issues doing this, but with the help of my friend Brian I made it through. NOTES: I am using a Mac, it might be the same for Windows. There's probably more than one way to do this and also some of my steps may be unnecessary. I dunno, but hopefully this helps someone. So let's begin.
  1. Open your iTunes and choose an MP3 file, or something that doesn't have copyright protection junk on it. If you don't like spending money, try the totally free Audio section of There's a ton of great artists on there and you can find everything from video game music to remixes of today's popular songs. Just search around on there or find your own file and let's move on to the next step.
  2. I got an MP3 promo today and got some free MP3s so I'll be using one that I got, Ridin' Solo. Yes, I love Jason Derulo. Shush. Anyway, take your file in iTunes and right click it. Choose "Get info". Click on the "Options" tab. Choose a part of the song that you like. A length of 30 seconds is good, in fact it has to be at least 30 (I tried with 22 seconds and it WOULD NOT WORK). I think the limit may be 40, but 30 is always a safe bet. Input the start time and stop time. I'm doing 1:04 to 1:34. Click "OK" and play your song to see if it's to your liking.
  3. Input where you want the song to begin at Start time, then add 30 seconds to that in Stop time.
  4. Don't freak out thinking your song is ruined. We are going to make a copy by right clicking on your song and choosing "Create ACC Version". **Now go back to your original song and correct the start and end times to what they were originally. 0:00 for start and look at the length of the song to see what the end time should be. In my case it's 3:36. Or just delete it, keep file, find it in your computer, double click--adding it back in your library with its correct times.**
  5. Go to your spotlight computer search thing and type in the name of your song and choose the format that's .m4a and has the time length you made it (30 seconds), as to not confuse it with the original song.  Change the name by ERASING .m4a and type .m4r after the name. If done correctly you should get a prompt like in the image below, click Use .m4r. 
  6. After adding .m4r you should get this prompt. Click Use .m4r.
  7. Now here's the part where I went crazy trying to get my file onto my phone. It would not go on! Here's what needs to happen. Delete the ringtone from your iTunes (because it still thinks it's just a song at this point) but click KEEP FILE. Then search your computer again for the file and click on it so iTunes opens it. It should no longer be in the music section of your iTunes. Click on tones located at the side in your library. The file should be there.
  8. Plug your phone into your computer and click on your device on the iTunes side menu. Click tones in the sub-menu. Selected Tones should be checked by default, if so all you need to do is put a check next to the ringtone you just made. Then click APPLY. 
  9. Yes, I have a Hunger Games Tone. PS: it was free in the iTunes store!
  10. Ta-daa! A FREE ringtone made from a song you LEGALLY paid for or got free LEGALLY. If you got it legally, why the heck would it not be legal to make a tone out of it for (keyword) yourself? ;) 
Buy More Tones? lol No.

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