Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Detached Retina What Happened, Thoughts, Surgery

This was done quickly. It's going to sound crazy. Forgive me. I just tried to remember everything and my feelings. I'm sorry to those who have a detached retina and are researching about it now--and stumbled upon this. I'm not sugar coating anything. It's scary. It really is, but you will get through it.

I've been asked by a few people now to do a follow up about my detached retina I had in Fall 2010. I'll be doing a video. Just writing down my thoughts first. I'm sorry I've never done an update but it's honestly something I'd rather forget. Let me begin by telling you how I got it. Of course it's random chance--but people with large optic nerves have been said to get them more than people with "normal" optic nerves (so I've been told). Anyway I was in a math class when I realized that my vision in my left I was a bit blurry at the inner corner. I blinked a few times thinking it was eye "gook" or an eyelash or something. But it didn't go away and it distracted me all during class. I thought I had done some temporary damage cause I forgot my sunglasses or something. A little freaked out but not thinking it was serious.

I got home and it was still bothering me. I told my dad and he didn't know what to think. Then I told my friend Brian who suggested I should see my eye doctor--and thank goodness he did. What was happening was that it stopped being blurry and the blur spot was now turning grey (I was seeing grey--there was no actual changing of my eye that anyone but an eye doctor could see looking at me). I guess if I went completely blind I would just see grey. Scary. Very scary. If I didn't see my doctor right away I would have lost the sight in that eye which is why I'm very thankful to Brian for convincing me to go. The sooner you go, the less damage there is to repair, more chance of success. They said I was very lucky to have caught it so early cause most people disregard it until it's really, really bad.

So I went to my eye doctor and it took her a while to find the problem, but then she saw it. My retina was detached and she gave me the name of an awesome, amazing doctor who fixed me up. It was scary the time I left her office up until the time of surgery which I don't really remember I guess it was a few days I had to wait. Anyway total freak out constantly about going blind. Yes, I thought what if I just went completely blind even though my other eye seemed fine. What if something happened to it later? Yes irrational fear of freaking out but no one wants to be blind and now that could be a reality since of the current problem. Anyway--yep just freaking out.

So the surgery...of course I was scared and nervous but it's better than being blind in one eye, right? Let me tell you I'd like to forget that surgery. Have you ever had needles in your eyes? I bet you're cringing right now. Poking, cutting, sewing. How would you like that happening when you're awake and you can see them doing it? Well that's what happened. Yes they gave me anesthetics and what not injected, and then again locally but I still felt it. People asked me if the surgery hurt. Really? Needles. In. Eye. NEEDLES IN EYE. Are you kidding? Did it hurt? Yes. Yes it did.

Anyway the eye was paralyzed and the whole vision was grayed because of that but I could still see the surgeons and their tools. And since I couldn't close my eye I was looking at them for the 2-3 hours it took. Going back to the pain of it-- the meds wore off a bit and it was so bad I started whimpering until they added more--and of course to put it in they use a needle so they cause even more pain to take away  a bit of pain. So that's about it for the surgery. It was successful and I'm thankful for that. Of course it was worth it. IT WAS WORTH IT. Strive through the surgery because being half blind for the rest of your life would be so much more horrible. I'd do it again if I had to no question. Hopefully I won't be that unlucky as to need mine repaired again--or the other one. I see the specialized doctor every so often and he says it looks fantastic.

After the surgery I had to take meds everyday of course. Warding off infection, etc. I found that I didn't need pain pills (vicodin) too much because it was essentially painless after the surgery  (THANKFULLY) except if I moved it too much to the side or too quickly. It was very bad then for a few seconds after those conditions. I had to constantly cover my eye with a pad and metal eye patch. I was a pirate! Arrrrrgh! Not funny when you have to go outside though. I was stuck a month or so in that thing going to college. I would get looks. Embarrassing. I thought sunglasses would make it better but then they'd look at me and think why was I wearing sunglasses indoors--and then they would see my patch. I don't know. There's not anything really you can do it hide it or make it look better without drawing more attention to yourself. Awkward.

I can't really think of anything else to say. If you have this condition--stay strong. You can get it fixed! Don't worry. My eye is perfectly fine now--except that the vision is slightly worse that my other eye--as in I can't see as far away but I was nearsighted anyway. Glasses anyway.

And oh yeah. You do get an eye scar but it's not really noticeable. It fades. I don't know if a camera can pick up mine. You have to look very, very, very--I mean VERY pressing face against mirror close to see it.

You'll get through it. And if you don't have a detached retina you probably don't need to worry, so don't. Just take care of yourself and your eyes.

Till next time.


Update in regards to this video

Edit 1 & Added Pictures: Ohhhhh yeah I forgot something. It's kind of important cause it may happen to some people after surgery and they might freak out. I thought I was going to look like a freak forever because the operated eye "looked at"/pointed inward and didn't follow what my other eye was looking at. It corrected itself after trying to move my eyes together after a day or two. Don't push it too hard, but it will correct itself. Don't worry. Something just clicks after a while and your brain is like---"Oh yeah. They move together! I forgot. Haha." :)


  1. That made my eyes hurt and water just reading it. Ow. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    1. Yeah it's messed up. Thank you mah dear. :)