Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home DIY: Natural Lemon Tub Scrub Test

It works okay but it takes a lot of scrubbing and it's a bit messy. This can be good once in a while but I feel there are more effective ways to clean a tub. I doubt different types of citrus work better. Please share your experiences and/or tips if you've tried this!

I've originally seen this done with a half of a grapefruit but lemons are easier to find where I am--and cheaper. Salt was also used but I tried baking soda since the particles are smaller and there's less of a chance of scratching up the tub (it still may, be warned)! You can find the directions here should you also want to try this out.

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  1. I'd rather EAT the lemons. Mmm. Bathtub be damned!